Eldorado/285 Recycles provides:

Eldorado/285 Recycles 2013 Award Winners:

Category: Recycling, Business, Food Related
John Brooks’ El Dorado Supermarket at the Agora for baling its cardboard and that of fellow tenants as well as collecting plastic film from the public. Its efforts reduce waste in the landfill and help create reusable products.
Category: Recycling & Composting, Individual Initiative
Sally Connolly for setting up recycling and composting at the Ken & Patty Adam Senior Center. In the absence of a commercial recycling hauler, Sally takes the material to the Eldorado Transfer Station herself.
Category: Composting, Resident
Jim Farley for an outstanding residential composting system that feeds his home garden and that of others. He is an outstanding exemplar of sustainable living.
Category: Recycling, Students 
Eldorado Community School, Robin Ellers’ class, which maintains the recycling system for the entire School.
Category: Recycling, Business, Other
CH2MHill, which recycles for all of the offices in its building, and processes and ships the recyclable pens and batteries collected at La Tienda Bldg. B.

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Eldorado/285 Recycles thanks the following for their generous support:

Aerolenz, LLC
Barn Dogs
Cafe Fina
Commonweal Conservancy
Country Store
Eclectics Art Gallery
Eldorado Animal Clinic
Eldorado Audiology & Hearing Center
Eldorado Automotive
Eldorado Computer Works
Eldorado Dental
Eldorado Physical Therapy
Eldorado Supermart
First National Bank of Santa Fe
Golden Eye, LLC
GO Solar/Electric
Harry’s Roadhouse
High Desert Healthcare & Massage, Inc.
John Hawkins Construction
Positive Energy
SERA - Sustainable Eldorado Residents Alliance
SF Sports Med & Rehab
Sue Garfitt & Fred Raznick, Santa Fe Properties


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